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System Integration & Energy Management

35t Overhead Crane


  • Unnecessary downtime reduced by 98%
  • Energy saved from RM3,125.00/mth
  • ROI within 2.5 years

Industrial Solutions

Taiwanese Line


  • Complaint numerous stoppage in production (daily 3-5 times stoppage which is about 3-5 hours lost).
  • Low production output.
  • Had seek numerous automation companies but none able to solve their issues.

Industrial Solutions

Taiwanese Line


  • Able to solved the production line issues within a month.
  • Consistence production output throughout the years.
  • Clients compared our pricing with their Taiwanese counterpart – and agreed with our competitive pricing.

Industrial Solutions

Japanese Line


  • Product quality issues – customer complaint.
  • Unsatisfied with another M&E company services.
  • Was quoted more than RM120,000 for the rectification job (Japanese OEM).

Industrial Solutions

Japanese Line


  • Problem solved – no quality complaint from client.
  • Job completed with roughly 18% of the total quoted price.
  • Was offered to be engineering consultant for the plant.

Energy Management Project

Steel Painting Plant


  • Increased production yield to 95.5%
  • Using same energy consumption, client able to produce 320mt/mth extra (~RM64,000.00/mth)
  • ROI in 1 month.

Project Engineering (Retrofit System)

Collaborate With Overseas Principle


  • Well-organized project schedule.
  • Improvised control system and operation features.

Project Engineering (Power Quality)

Oil & Gas Sector


  • Eliminate additional TNB charges of more than RM30,000/mth.
  • Reduce refinery breakdown due to bad power quality.

Project Engineering (Upgrading System)

Government Building


  • Improved application optimization as well as movement accuracy.

Preventive Maintenance Program

Rainwater Pump Station


  • Prevents costly emergency repairs.
  • No breakdown during heavy rains.
Previous Project

Petronas LTSA Ex-Proof Motor Testing Panel

Testing panel design and built.

  • For ex-proof motor up to 250kW
  • Including safety protection such earth fault and  overcurrent.


Previous Project

3-Stages Telescopic Conveyor

  • Engineered for safe and efficient loading and unloading solution.
  • Simple operating system and the ability to achieve a variety of positions.
Previous Project

Skiing Machine – Conveyor Automation

Customized automation based of client criteria.

  • Detailed design and calculation.
Previous Project

Precision Steel Cutting and Polishing

Revamping whole machine.

  • 3 Parker DC Drives (1250 Amps)
  • 3 Bosch Servos Motors & Drives (220Nm)
  • Inverters & Starters
  • Siemens PLC (S5 to S7)
  • Rewiring Whole Panel
Previous Project

Upgrading Control System

On-site modification for 3 panels of PLC

  • Upgrading from SIEMENS S5 to SIEMENS S7
  • Rewinding Whole Panel
Previous Project

Revamping Roll Forming Machine – Steel

  • Replacing PLC and Inverter
  • Inverter with 3 multispeed (Fast, Slow, Stop)
  • Touchscreen Operation
  • Encoder feedback to PLC for length Calculation
  • Troubleshooting and Commissioning
Previous Project

Coconut Screw Press

Revamping Mechanical & Electrical

  • Replace Existing Screw Gearmotor & Press Gearmotor with encoder
  • Build New Control Panel with Drives
  • Mechanically mount both motors with laser alignment to recondition the Screw Press
Previous Project

Gloves Auto Tumbler Dryer

Control Panel Design and Built

  • Tumbler capacity is 250kg
  • Energy saving measured is obtain by using inverter and soft-starter for the blower and heater drum.
  • Heating and Cooling Cycle Fine-tuning
  • Testing and Commissioning.
Previous Project

Retrofit control panel

Included touch screen panel.

  • Trace back control system, design and re- build.
  • To replace SIEMENS PLC S5 to S7
  • Testing and Commissioning.
Previous Project

Wire Twisting Machine

Replacing DC Drives 180 Amps.

  • Replace Faulty Eurotherm DC Inverter
  • Fine Tune and Commissioning the new inverter to match machine operations
Previous Project

Retrofit and replacing faulty 800A MCCB

During planned shut-down schedule and night work.

  • Replace Faulty Klockner-Moeller MCCB to ABB MCCB
  • Modification of interlock to suit customer requirement
Previous Project

Winding and Unwinding

Replacing DC Drives.

  • Replace obsolete 180A Four Quardrant DC Drives with Tacho Feedback
  • Propose using Load Cell for Tension Control
  • Rewiring the whole Panel
Previous Project

Tasek Cement Silo Distributions

Engineering Work on 2 Silos with S5 PLC.

  • Synchronizing distribution on 2 Cement Silos
  • Programming on Siemens S5 PLC & EEPROM
Previous Project

Panel design and building

Site wiring requirement.

  • Customized panel according to customer preferences and limitations.
Previous Project

Machine dismantling and installation

Outstation project.

  • PLC programming archived before dismantling
  • Customized requirement from customer
Previous Project

Cable trunking installation and motor wiring

During planned shut-down schedule and night work.

  • Additional cable trunking and motor wiring for new system
Previous Project

Energy Efficiency – LED lightings at commercial buildings

During night work.

  • With additional control timer system and site wiring